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What is Inside D3

Inside D3 is a multimedia news and information hub centered around NCAA Division III athletics. More specifically, highlighting and promoting DIII athletics off the pitch, court, track, pool etc. Showcasing the magic that makes up DIII along with individuals, including coaches, student-athletes, administrators, faculty, conference and national office staff, and more. NCAA Division III athletics is perhaps one of the most overshadowed and misunderstood athletic associations Inside D3 will not only change the way in which DIII sports are viewed and educate sports fans everywhere about what it is and how it works but also aspire to push this level of college athletics into the same spotlight and fanbase that other college sports levels have acquired.


Mission & Vision


To utilize multimedia platforms to promote NCAA Division III athletics membership and student-athletes alike in a unique and empowering way that highlights the uniqueness and magic of DIII sports, while simultaneously educating and building the fanbase of DIII college sports. 


Our vision is to create a culture and fanbase of NCAA Division III athletics, unlike any other college sports association. With an emphasis on a student-athlete center, with high-level content to share the magic of DIII athletics on several platforms putting DIII as one of the leaders in college sports.