Inside D3 #BlackLivesMatter Statement

We strongly address the long-overdue conversation and movement related to clear inequality, systemic racism and oppression, and social injustice within the United States of America towards the Black community. Such racial imbalance cannot be ignored. We stand together in solidarity with our black community against any form of racism, hate, and less than the equal treatment of any persons.


Division III is one of the largest intercollegiate organizations in the world. Composed of student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors, and athletic administrators of all races and ethnic backgrounds at the campus, conference, and national level. The collective Division III institutions have a large platform to render a change in this country, and we believe that those in DIII have the potential to be influential in this movement of change.


In an effort to uphold values and initiatives in Division III concerning Diversity & Inclusion, Inside D3 strongly urges individuals to take a step further in support of our Black community in a time of need. The proper treatment and respect of systematically oppressed individuals stretch far beyond the realm of sports. With that said, we encourage all to take a stand for what is right and call out those who don’t, no matter the environment.



Inside D3


Diversity in Division III Athletics

Though DIII athletics is the largest NCAA Division it is not the most diverse when compared to its Division I and II counterparts. Currently comprised of 352 schools accounting for 80% of DIII membership are private institutions, while 86 schools make up 20%  of the membership are public institutions; additionally, DIII currently has no Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCU) in its membership meaning DIII is 100% Predominantly White Institutions(PWI) (Division III 2019-20 Facts and Figures)

The team at the NCAA National Office and Governing Committees have put relentless work to improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion amongst the Division which has made a notable impact on not only diversity statistics have improved tremendously over the past 15 years but also opportunities and overall experience for minorities. For instance, since 2012 DIII athletics has seen a 7% increase in the amount of female-identifying/participating minority student-athletes(NCAA Race and Gender Demographics Database).

Charts below(data compiled from NCAA Race and Gender Demographics Database), shows how much work is still to be done. In order to yield the highest level of support and quality of experience for student-athletes, diversity of athletics staff, coaches and administration should be equal and ideally well beyond the diversity of the student-athlete body.

Together we can all work to make a change not only for the betterment and well-being of the Division III student-athlete but for the enrichment of society.

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